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Fig & Honey Wine Cocktail

Fig & Honey Wine Cocktail
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First, rim your wine glass with granulated sugar. Then in a small saucepan combine the O Organics Organic thyme, Signature Kitchens honey and 1 cup of water. Bring it to a low boil before reducing to let it simmer for roughly 5 minutes. After simmering, remove from heat and let cool completely. 

Using a muddler or similar tool, gently push the figs down until they release juices for flavor. In a pitcher, combine the fig juices, and the thyme & honey syrup made in the saucepan, and chilled white wine of your choosing. Stir to combine thoroughly and pour into your sugared wine glasses. Garnish with extra fig slices and thyme sprigs. Of course, only to be enjoyed by those 21 and up!